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Your website is not just a page on the internet, it is an extension of your business. In the "real world", if your doors are closed or your shelves are falling off the walls, you will lose customers. A website is no different. If it is not available and functioning properly, it is losing business and draining your resources. This is why we are every bit as concerned about your customers as we are with ours.
Unlike most hosting companies, with Web Inn it is your preference that dictates, not our limitations. We leave the key decisions up to you, while providing you with the safety net of our full support.

With the state of the art software on our servers and the wide range of free addons and easy-to-follow tutorials, the most important choices are yours. Now you can take total control even if you know nothing at all about website development and management.

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Hosting is our business. We do not expect you to be the expert and know the jargon. Instead we go out of our way to use language that is understandable and clear so that you are not left in the dark.